What is the best fish finder for inflatable kayak fishing?

Fishing nowadays is as versatile as ever, with more and more fishing spots opening up and lots of different new ways in which you can go out fishing on your own as well. Ever since fishing as a hobby became a thing, going fishing on a boat was the ultimate experience for both lone anglers and teams of fishing families. Your typical father and son bonding experience on a fishing trip would not be possible if it were not for boats. However, nowadays there are less expensive ways to go solo fishing if that’s what you’re into, and one of those ways is taking up a kayak.

Your typical kayak can be hard to transport to the lake or fishing spot you are planning on using, but that should not be a deterrent that keeps you from embarking on your fishing trip. An inflatable fishing kayak is a great alternative for solo fishers that is also less expensive and more convenient when it comes to carrying it around and moving about. Finding fish using these types of boats can be a bit tricky, though, so using a fish finder is necessary to make the most out of the experience. Below, we go over a couple of considerations on what makes the best fish finder for use in inflatable kayaks.

Small screen

We all know that modern fish finders have a display as a standard feature and little can be done about finding alternatives without a screen. It is, after all, the most practical way to visualize where fish are. For an inflatable kayak, though, traditional fish finders might be a bit too large, so you want to find a model that is on the smaller side of the spectrum. You want something that is anywhere near 4 or 5 inches. Anything larger than that might be too heavy, or at least heavy enough to add the weight needed to tilt your kayak on the side that you mount the finder.

No transducer mounts

Similarly, the issue with transducers in standard models is that they are of considerable size, and mounting them onto your inflatable kayak may not be as simple as doing so on a regular boat. In fact, most mid-sized models like the ones you will probably look for for your kayak come with transducers designed to be mounted on the transom of your boat. In that sense, you want to look for models that can be attached in some other way, or simply dropped into the water and trailed as you row in your kayak.

No extra power source

On top of that, the best fish finder for kayak anglers on inflatable kayaks is one that requires no external power source. Preferably, look at models that have built-in batteries. Devices like this will incidentally tend to be on the smaller side as well, since they are designed to be used by fishermen in docks and piers rather than on water vessels. Mounting a battery or power source on an inflatable kayak can also prove complicated in terms of weight imbalance, so you want to make sure you absolutely need it in case you go through with it. If you can do with a simple, battery-powered finder, then that makes for a better sounder in your case.

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